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Marketing Optimization

We believe that proper branding on Amazon is strategic to your brand. Not only do listings need to communicate effectively your brand image but they also need to stand out so buyers easily understand your unique selling points and drive conversion.

Amazon offers a wide range of marketing tools to build high level product pages that will catch customer attention and stand out to your competitors. 

  • Listing Optimization:

We'll build compelling product pages with optimized titles, bullets and description based on our sophisticated in-house Amazon keywords tools.


  • Marketing Optimization:

With our experience and creativity, we will deliver compelling listings and high-end product pages supported by strong copywriting and, if available, eye catching visuals. And if you do not have any Amazon optimized artwork, we will work with you to create them!

Based on the Amazon platform you are listed on, A+ content or EBC will be created or enhanced. These features are amazing ways to create a strong narrative and develop unique selling points for each product. Finally we will create your Amazon Storefront that will reflect your brand environment.  

Over the years, more and more potential new clients (B2B) have started checking for new brands on Amazon, so the quality of your listings and brand pages, as well as your ability to display consistent prices have become critical to your success at wholesale.

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